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"Felt, Not Just Heard."

About Bri

Bri Dimit is a singer, songwriter, speaker, and storyteller who takes her dreams seriously and is passionate about transforming them into reality. Bri uses her voice through story and song to empower dreamers to become doers.


She is an introspective artist who believes music and art can be key to healing and finding real joy. From her diagnosis with epilepsy at age five, being pronounced dead at age ten, and losing her mom at age thirteen, she is an inspiring example of resilience and shares that anything is possible when you move through life believing in yourself.


She has partnered with corporate agencies and non-for-profit organizations and has spoken and sung on platforms around the world. She's been working on her brand new album "Limitless" for the last three years and just announced it will be released worldwide August 2, 2024. 



Bri offers organizations and individuals a variety of ways to tell their stories. Be it music, speaking or storytelling, she can bring your vision to life.

On Your Stage

Bri Dimit's keynotes ignite resilience and purpose in audiences worldwide.

On Your Show

Bri Dimit enriches platforms with captivating presence, passion, humor, and wisdom.


Partnering with Bri Dimit means unleashing resilience, creativity, and transformative empowerment.


"Bri Dimit, you are the most masterful person I know when it comes to visualizing and actualizing your dreams."


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