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Story Telling

Bri's process begins with a story. The words, emotions and journey are critical in understanding our challenging and then transforming them into celebrations. Bri takes her clients on a story telling experience sometimes difficult, sometimes joyful but what comes out is always magical.

Workshop: Your Story, Your Song

This workshop is designed to bring everyone into the song writing process and take a journey through their own story.

The Process

We walk through the songwriting process together.

The Writing

Participants answer a variety of questions to reflect on their story.

The Song

Each participant walks away with lyrics to their own song.

Our Stories

Read some of the extraordinaire stories from brave men and women who shared their journey with me.

One More Thing...

The Modern Woman Show

Bri is the Co-Founder and Co-Host of The Modern Woman Show that empowers women who are becoming their truest selves. Along with Jacqueline Martinez, the podcast offers 3 sub series that make up The Modern Woman Show.
1. Embodiment: Jacqueline and Bri share life experiences, wisdom, and stories on various topics related to becoming our truest selves. 2. Essence: Jacqueline and Bri gives an astrology reading to a guest on the show (CEO women who are leading their own lives) and they discuss how their astrology resonates with them and how it can be used as a tool for deepening their understanding of themselves and in the way they show up in the world. 3. Essentials: speed round version of Embodiment where they ask each other questions related to the topic  discussed and have to answer those questions using one word or one sentence.
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