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The emotional ballad "Collapsed" is inspired by a life changing experience. Bri was thirteen years old at her mother's bedside who was battling liver cancer at a hospital in Houston, TX. This song is a glimpse of what she felt the moment the doctor came in and told her, "Your mother has taken her last breath." 


The powerhouse "Change Her" is inspired by one of the most important moments in a girls life. When she came out to her family and managed to remain close to her faith, love herself for who she is, and battle the adversities that were then and continue to be thrown at her.

Change Her

The bubbly song "By Your Side" is inspired by a romance that took "a few tries" to begin but will last forever.

By Your Side

"Nothing" is about a girl who has been trying to find her worth. A girl who has consistently been torn down by society throughout her life but realizes she's got nothing to prove and has nothing to lose by always getting back up once she falls down. 


"Face This" is inspired by the emotion an incredible woman felt when she went in for a check-up and found out she had breast cancer.

Face This
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