Danny's Story

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

"My name is Daniel and I was born and raised in Tucson Arizona.

I have been in and out of CPS (Child Protective Services) since I was 3. My earliest memories are being beaten and yelled at. I was put in a foster home where they would hit me if I didn’t listen to them. I was there for two years.

I left that foster home and went back to my dad for 6 years. It’s 2016 and on August 27, he tries to kill me. I call the cops and I get put back into CPS.

In one of the group homes I was at, I met the love of my life. Her name is Jasmine. But I call her Jas. We’ve been together almost 3 years. We have gone through tough times with each other but I love her.

Anyway, in the group homes and stuff, I started stealing from stores just to make money, because I had nothing. I’d take cases of beer and I’d never look back. I did those things because I had to.

In 2017 I was homeless for 7 months. During those 7 months I got raped and I continued to steal, so I could use the money to buy food and anything we needed. Someone told the cops what I was doing (what they said wasn’t actually the truth) but I got locked up anyway. While I was locked up the same person who called the cops stole all the stuff I owned at the time.

I was homeless, so I lived out of my backpack.

Now I’m in a lesbian foster home and I’ve been here for almost four months."

Additional Comments:

"I would say that because of everything I’ve been through, it’s a lesson. I’m still here, after everything I've ever done or seen.

My experience cannot be compared to anything because it’s unbearable to even believe that someone has gone through that and still wants to make something of themselves. I don’t have an analogy that can define my experience, but I do have a saying that has kept me going all these years.

‘Live for those who cannot.’

Meaning, continue to live for the ones who decided they couldn’t take it.

If I could give someone advice going through something similar, I’d tell them to be strong. It’ll be over soon."

Hear the song inspired by Danny's story: COMING SOON!

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