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Connie's Story

"The thing I will forever admire about my grandma is her ability to put things into perspective. No matter how hard you have it at the time, how much you’re suffering, or how much your heart breaks she always taught me that there is someone else out there in the world that has it way worse and needs your strength.”

“My favorite thing about my Grandma was how selfless she was.”

“I love grandma because she’s thoughtful and loving.”

“My favorite thing about my grandma was the way she loved. I’ll miss her hugs more than anything though. Any time you saw her, even if it was just for a moment, she would always wrap you up in a super tight hug.”

“If I described grandma in one word it would be genuine.”

“Grandma is the epitome of love and care for everyone.”

"It's hard sometimes, knowing she is gone."

“Grandma would always be there for us no matter what."

"When I think of her, I think of sunshine.”

"She would always say, 'It could always be worse.'"

“Grandma was joyous, loving, and lively!”

“My grandma was so thoughtful. She loved hard."

"She was so strong."

"An image that comes to mind when I think of my grandma is a bench surrounded by flowers looking out on a lake.”

“Grandma would always be the last one through the food line on Thanksgiving because she always put others before herself.”

"I strive to be like her."

Hear the song "It Could Always Be Worse" inspired by the loving memories of Connie's grandchildren: Available Everywhere 10.15.21

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