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Jordan's Story

My name is Jordan Dimit and I will be sharing my story about love.

Like many story's of its kind it all starts with a strong, handsome young man with a head full of dreams. 

I was nearing the end of my senior year of college and recently had met a girl who started coming around more and more often.

She was beautiful, funny, and smart so at first I assumed 'out of my league.'

As we started to get to know each other though, more and more I was sure that this was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

It's a funny thing when your mindset starts to shift from "just having fun" or "we're just seeing what happens" to  "Shit...I think she might be the one!"

We didn't have a storybook start where I first saw her flipping back her wet hair out of a pool, pulling her out of the way of a moving car or touching hands as we both reached for popcorn at the same magic moment. But, from our first date there was always laughter, and I think that's the most important thing.

Laughter helps love grow.

There wasn't one moment or a bolt of lightning that hit me, it was just a feeling that started small and took over.

It's a feeling that people describe as "when you know, you know" or others describe as "sky rockets in flight," but no matter how you describe it I'm certain that everyone feels it differently, and when you do it changes your life. The "m" in me rolls over and and the "we" part of your life begins.

Doing life forever by each other's side.

For Bri and I that meant moving in together and getting a dog. The official sign of 'this is something serious.' Turns out the dog was just as good of a decision as Bri and I getting together, but different story for a different time. It meant making compromises for the sake of the other person. It meant both of us making the decision that for the rest of our lives it will be you and me. 

We ended up getting engaged in 2016, married in 2017 and from there, we have never looked back! 

Hear the song inspired by Jordan’s story: “By Your Side” by Bri Dimit (

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