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Bri is able to hear your stories and turn them into one-of-a-kind songs.

Checkout her powerful work below.

Michelle's Story

"I was assaulted at gunpoint as I entered my home and was forced into the trunk of my own car by three serial criminals. That trauma and the long, painful journey of healing that followed redefined my life and eventually led me to become an advocate for victims of violent crime.”

DAVID's Story

David was adored by his family. His wife and kids describe him as strong, caring, thoughtful, loving and faithful. When David was diagnosed and eventually passed from cancer,  his wife and children were left devastated. Through the pain and grief, they learned some of life's more valuable lessons -  have faith, make every second count and cherish your blessings. 


A support group within AdventHealth Porter Hospital consisting of children ages six to sixteen who have a parent diagnosed with cancer or a parent who has passed from cancer share their experiences and wisdom of what it is like day in and day out and how the program Kids Alive! has positively impacted their life.

De'Niece's Story

An extraordinary woman shares her inspiring life journey. Coming from a single parent household, bouncing from homeless shelter to homeless shelter, and feeling unwanted and unloved to birthing a beautiful baby girl, vowing to break the cycle of poverty, and becoming an unshakeable example of resilience.


"Wow. I have no words, really. I am floored! It's just so cool to hear a song where the lyrics truly tell a story. This is an anthem for all women. Thank you Bri."
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